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Zone Line Air Conditioners – Zone Air Conditioning


If you’re looking for durable, reliable and efficient air conditioners, you’ll do well to consider and buy Zone Line air conditioners.

 Zone Line is a line of air conditioners from GE, one of the world’s most trusted names in appliances, including air conditioners. It consists of cooling systems and services that provide its customers with maximum energy efficiency, as well as friendly operating costs. It is one of the United States’ most popular choices in air conditioning units.

 Constantly developing, the GE Zone Line has undergone changes and has welcomed new family members. Today, the line has the GE Deluxe 2900, 3900 and 5800 series. Its newest addition is the Dry Air 25 series, which reportedly takes away 25% more moisture from the air compared with the standard GE air conditioners.


 The impressive features of this new series of GE Zone Line air conditioners include L-shaped coils that provide 20% more surface area and exceptional efficiency, comfort-oriented and quiet operating system through a super-seal weather barrier and permanently lubricated fan motors, two interchangeable upfront filters that can easily be removed and reinstalled, and nationwide factory services to help you in case of repairs and necessary technical support.

 Aside from these features, the line also boasts of microcomputer touch controls, energy-saving sleep mode functions, and a Freeze Sentinel that provides protection from damage in areas with freezing temperatures.

 The GE Zone Line series is composed of versatile units that function not only as cooling systems but also as heating systems.