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Volant Air Filters – Volant Cold Air Intakes


When it comes to air filters, Volant is a name that you can trust. It has been around for many years, servicing people who want to have the best air filter for their cars and, thus, ensuring these cars’ quality and longevity.


Indeed, Volant is one of the premier brands of air filters that have high-flow capacity, great cleaning power and conveniently reusable – truly a lifetime filter.

Today, Volant offers two different forms of air filter in the performance marketplace. Volant provides you with top quality options – Volant air filters that will do the work you expect them to do.


 The first form of Volant air filter comes in the unmistakable, easily spotted color blue, dyed as such to ensure that, during the air filter’s cleaning process, you still get the exact amount of filter oil on the air filter.


 Filter oil, not many know and understand, is an important element in getting enough air cleaning power from the air filter as you receive tire-smoking horsepower.


 The second form of Volant air filter, on the other hand, entirely skips the blue color and comes instead in the feisty color red. This air filter, called the Primo Volant, is primarily designed to answer the demands of diesel engines.

The Primo Volant, which has more layers of filter media to manage the intake vacuum made by diesel engines, boosts torque and power and thus improves your engine’s fuel efficiency.


 If you want to get amazing cleaning power from an air filter and help your car, whether oil or gas burner, perform its best, get Volant air filters today.