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Trane Air Conditioners – Trane Central Air Conditioners


A famous name and leader in the air conditioning industry worldwide, Trane is one of the United States’ premier brands in air conditioning. Although it is often associated with air conditioning systems and services for commercial purposes, Trane also specializes in providing its global clientele with residential air conditioning solutions.

 Trane is known for their expertise in environmental technology and energy conservation, both of which are applied in their products. Trane supplies many of the largest and most well-known commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in the world today, all of which are painstakingly custom designed for every building to ensure reliability and maximum efficiency.

 On the other hand, Trane products for the home are top quality choices in comfort, cleanliness, and power air conditioning.


 Trane is clearly all about bringing people the best in well-conditioned air and their efforts don’t go unnoticed. Surveys have shown that every minute, a Trane air conditioning unit is being installed in a building in any part of the globe or is being bought by a homeowner in North America.

 Trane state-of-the-art systems for commercial and residential use include centrifugal chillers, energy recovery systems, user-friendly controls, cost-friendly two-stage split-system air conditioners and heat pumps, and residential furnace.

 For more details on Trane’s history as well as the companies’ systems and services, simply type Trane on your search engine and be led to Trane’s official website and sister sites. Make an order and experience a cooling system like no other with Trane air conditioners.