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Tanning Bed Air Conditioner Ė Tanning Bed Equipment


Itís summer once again and the beach is calling out. The sun is high and the weather is hot. Itís time to ditch the fashions of spring for the crisp, cool, comfortable clothes of the sunny season.


 Summer not only means surfing in the waves and donning bikinis. Itís also the season when most people head out the door to tan themselves under the sun. While sporting a tan is certainly a popular statement these days, exposing ourselves to UV rays and its harmful effects is certainly a dangerous way to get the result we want.


 To avoid cancer and sunburn, the best way to get a tan is to use a tanning bed. A tanning bed is equipment that can help you achieve the amount of tan you want without the dangers that UV rays bring.



In essence, it is a device that enables a synthetic tanning process. Tanning beds emit artificial UV rays that are commonly limited to 95% UVA and 5% UVB; they are a safe alternative to natural tanning.


 A tanning bed usually has a tanning bed air conditioner. Unlike getting a tan outdoors, getting a tan using a tanning bed wonít leave you hot and dry. Cooling fans or air conditioners are included in the equipment to make sure youíre comfortable during the tanning session.


 Tanning beds that have internal tanning bed air conditioners include the Ergolline 600, Ergoline 650, Sundash Competition 232 GF, Sundash Performance 240, and Sundash Radius 252, among others.