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Solar Air Conditioners Solar Powered Air Conditioners


Some people may have never heard of them before, and this may sound a bit odd, but yes, there are what we call solar air conditioners. And in fact, it is quite logical, that something that can relieve us from the heat of the sun can actually be fueled and powered by the sun.

 Solar powered air conditioners are air conditioning systems that use solar power. This is done through passive, solar, photovoltaic conversion (sun to electricity), or solar thermal energy conversion.

 This revolutionary undertaking was certified by the U.S. Energy Independence And Security Act of 2007, created 2008 through 2012, funding for a new solar air conditioning research and development program.

 This project foresees the promotion of a lesser need for power, and therefore, will relieve us of all the burdens of outrageous electrical bills during the summer, when the heat is unbearable.


 It also promotes an environment-friendly cause, since there are less carbon emissions that comes from solar powered air conditioning.

 Some people may think that one cannot enjoy the luxury of a solar air conditioner during very hot evenings, but in fact, you can still enjoy it even when the sun is not shining at its mightiest, because the solar panels that are a part of this air conditioning system store the energy from the sunlight during sunny hours.

 It means that during the night, it makes use of the previously stored solar energy so that one may still use it even when there is no sun.

 Solar air conditioners can now be obtained from common air-conditioning facility stores, and are slowly gaining popularity, because of the saving advantages that it promises. Of course, this supports the promotion of a greener environment, too.