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The Fragrance Return Air Filter is a new invention that aims to improve the quality of indoor air. This newly patented return air filter is composed of the following: air filter, fragrant sponge strip, filtering pad made from fibrous materials, and a pair of backing member.

 The air filter functions by removing most of the particles from the air while the fragrant sponge strips mixes the passing air to the fresh clean scent. The fibrous filtering pad asks as a back up for the air filter. This also helps in removing dust particles, pollen and mold spores as well as dirt.

 Finally, the pair of backing member surrounds or sandwich the fibrous material to secure both the fibrous material and the fragrant sponge strip.


 This new type of air filters combines the functionality of both air fresheners and air filters. For people who are looking for an economical and effective means of keeping their indoor air clean then trying the Fragrance Return Air Filters would be a good idea.

 At the same time people who are very particular with the smell inside a room will find it nice to have an air filter that does not only purifies air but gives out a natural clean scent.

 Those suffering from any lung disorder, chronic or otherwise would find the new fragrance return air filters a welcome change from the typical air filter. But best of all, this type of air filter is easy on the pocket.