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Jaguar Air Filters – Dirt Devil HEPA Filter


This is the air filter of choice for car enthusiasts who would like to see an increase in HP as well as throttle demand on their vehicles. Incidentally, there are some who ordered these Jaguar Air Filters without knowing the proper way of opening the air box.

 Well here is a simple way of solving your problem. Just read further below.

 To open the air box, you have to remove the oil cap first. Afterwards, look for the three screws which are holding the cover for your vehicle’s engine and undo these. Once the three screws are loose, remove the cover then reinstall the oil cap.

 Next, look for the screws, usually eight of them, that are holding the top of the air filter box in place. Once again, undo these screws so that you can lift the air filter box straight up then you can access the Jaguar air filter.


 After getting hold of the Jaguar air filter, this can be installed directly to your vehicle once you have taken out the old air filter. Just take a little care when removing the old air filter because it may come out as bit of a challenge.

 But for car owners who did install the Jaguar air filter successfully in their car’s engines, there will be a noticeable increase in the throttle demand as well as in mileage making the car pick up a little faster.

 Anyway for those who are not satisfied with the performance of your car, there are many other air filters that you can choose to replace what you currently have.