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Intake Air Filter Ė Air Intake Filtration


To better understand what an intake air filter, familiarity of the intake system is required. An intake system is the actual air intake of the engine.

 The carís engine is like a powerful air pump that increases the velocity of air until it reaches the combustion chamber at the same time minimizing the turbulence and increasing the flow. Cars with superchargers or turbochargers usually have pressurized intake systems.

 Since an intake system helps in increasing the velocity of air thus the intake system should have a quality intake air filter. The intake air filter removes the particulates that can clog any part of the intake system.

 With a clogged intake system there is more restriction of air flow in the engine resulting to a reduction in the carís performance. The intake air filters are made with various materials.


 Some intake air filters are made of pleated-paper while some are made of oil bath where as the rest are either of cotton or foam. Many car owners prefer intake air filters that are made of pleated-paper.

 Primarily because it costs less, is easier to maintain and very effective with filtering out dust and dirt particles. Other intake air filters that use oiled cotton gauze are also considered as high-performing air filters.

 Meanwhile, oil bath air filters were extensively used in small-engine and automotive before the paper-pleated type dominated the scene. On the other hand intake air filters made of foam are used as replacement air filters.

 Just like the oil bath, an intake air filter made of foam was widely until other superior materials came out.