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Home Air Conditioning Repair – How To Repair Home Air Conditioners


 It is actually not that difficult to do your own DIY home air conditioning repair. There are several things you can check and repair before calling the air conditioning serviceman. Who knows, you might be able to fix it yourself and save some money.

 The first thing you can do before calling for home air conditioning repair is look to insure the plug has not been accidentally pulled from the outlet. If it is still plugged in, turn the unit off and then back on and if nothing happens, turn it off and leave it off while you check the breaker switch or fuse.

 Even if the breaker appears to be turned on, move it to the off position and then turn it back on. If the building is equipped with a fuse, remove it completely to check if it is burned out. The cost having an air conditioning repair company change the fuse or flip a breaker can be relatively high for the work performed.

How To Check Home Air Conditioner That Doesn’t Blow Hot Air

 You might want to check the air conditioner coils which are visible through vent slots on the outside of the unit. Especially during cold weather (temperatures below 60 degrees), it is quite common for ice to coat the coils which can shut the system down. The best way is to leave it and wait for the weather to turn warmer which will melt the ice.


 Many air conditioning units have a high-pressure cutoff switch that turns off power to the compressor in the event pressure in the system reaches a certain point. There is usually a reset button near the compressor’s controls inside the unit, but on smaller air conditioners it may be hard to reach.

 You might want to check your air conditioning filters as well for any dust accumulating on the filters. If used for more than 3 months, you should consider getting a new replacement air conditioning filter.

 Once you have verified all the obvious possibilities for the unit to be failing and find nothing out of the ordinary, it may be time to call in the air conditioning repair expert. Although, consider the age of your unit and the cost of home air conditioning repair and the cost of replacement before deciding to fix the old one. Many newer ones may be cheaper just to replace.