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Hastings Air Filter Hastings Premium Filters


Basically, an air filter is a device that filters or takes off particles such as dusts, mold, bacteria as well as pollen from the air around us.

 The air filter is used mainly for the ventilation of buildings and engines. The main point of using an air filter is to improve the quality of air.  Today there are several companies that offer quality air filters and one of these is the Hastings Filter.

 The Hastings Premium Filter is a CLARKOR company that currently has its headquarters in Kearney, Nebraska and just years ago this company was awarded with the 2006 Vendor Of  The Year for order fill.

 The Hastings Filter company which was established in 1944 provides manufacturers along with different markets with more than 3,800 types of filter, although the most common type of filters that Hastings Premium markets is the cabin air filter.


 The cabin air filter is just a pleated-paper filter placed within the outside-air intake on the passenger compartment of a vehicle. This air filter comes in different shapes.

 Sometimes it takes on a rectangular shape that is similar to a combustion filter or some of these Hastings air filters are shaped to fit the space of the outside-air intake of different automobiles.

 Since the Hastings Cabin Air Filter is a new addition to the make-up of your automobile often it is overlooked and the consequence of leaving a clogged cabin air filter is the poor air flow from the vents that allows the entry of allergens in the cabin air stream.