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Ductless Air Conditioning – Advantages Of Ductless Air Conditioning


 Almost every home nowadays has air conditioning, yet very few people heard of ductless air conditioning. Like what it sounds like, ductless air conditioning simply means a air conditioning system without the type of ductwork a normal air conditioning system would have.

Anatomy Of A Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

 A ductless air conditioning system, which is also known as a mini-split system, is one which has two major components; a unit that is mounted on an inside wall that delivers cool air to the room and a unit that is mounted on the outside of the house. A pair of refrigerant lines runs between the two, one which delivers electricity while the other takes away condensation. Also, the system has thermostatic control and a variant quiet blower that is available for you to use, if you wish.

 If your home has insulated ductwork, then it can be added to your existing infrastructure. If your home does not have it, then you can consider a high velocity mini-duct system.

 There are several advantages to using such a air conditioning system.


 First and foremost, this type of system has a thermostat which is able to keep track of the temperature and keep the room at a constant, comfortable temperature, rather than having it fluctuate from too hot to too cold. Also, you do not have to move a split system in and out of the window as the season’s change, like you do with the other types of air conditioning systems. You also do not have the open-window security concerns of a moveable unit.

 I highly recommend a ductless air conditioning system if you do not have it. It is best to seek professional opinion and get your contractor or a qualified air conditioning service man to check if your home is suitable to install ductless air conditioner.



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