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Donaldson Air Filters – Donaldson Air Cleaners


Another leading brand of air filter, the Donaldson Air Filters, gives consumers with quality air filtering through the use of the Donaldson Air Filtration Technology. This new air filtration technology guarantees a longer filter life aside from protecting your vehicle’s engine.

 The Donaldson Air Filters are made up of media that consists of uniquely formulated fibers. The use of fiber is intended for the superior filtering or trapping of contaminants such as dust, dirt and soot before reaching the automobile’s engine.

 Different air filters were developed to give engines a high-quality of protection. Here are just some of the Donaldson Air Filters.

 The two types of Donaldson Air Filters are the Standard and the Extended with the Endurance Air Filters. Under the standard type of Air Filters are the FPG and the Alexin.


 The FPG and Alexin Air Filters are designed specifically to meet the needs of engines with medium dust conditions. In addition, the FPG and Alexin Air Filters are easy to service and both have low maintenance costs.

 For those who require maximum protection in addition to a longer lasting filter then opt for the Donaldson Endurance Air Filters. These filters bring excellent engine protection and superior dust-holding capacities resulting in less engine maintenance as well as expenses.

 For vehicle-owners who are looking for the best engine-protection, the Donaldson Air Filters remains as one of the leading choices. This comes as a no surprise because the Donaldson Air Filters use an innovative technology that helps you with engine maintenance.