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American Standard Air Conditioner – American Standard Air Conditioner Prices


The average American family normally consists of a hardworking father, a loving if not equally hardworking mother, a child who is the apple of the family’s eyes, and a silent yet reliable air conditioner that keeps everyone cool and happy.


These days, with the effects of global warming and high temperatures in the summer, the need to have air conditioners in the home has increased. With the many kinds and labels of air conditioners in the market today, it can become quite confusing to find the air conditioner that’s tried and tested and just perfect for you.


You don’t need to go far to find the answer to your question. We’ll tell you what the best air conditioner for your family is. It’s no less than the American Standard air conditioner.



American Standard, one of the leading brands in the air conditioning industry, now proudly presents its line of Allegiance air conditioners, the efficiency of which range from 13 to 18+SEER, one of the highest efficiency ratings in the business. The Allegiance line of American Standard air conditioners provides top quality choices, with state-of-the-art technology that conditions the air silently and thoroughly.


You can choose from three categories – high, premium and contemporary. Each have one or more air conditioners that have specialized functions so you’re sure to find one that fits your family’s lifestyle. You can pick one that matches your taste and your budget.


Enjoy a new level of cool and beat the heat with an American Standard air conditioner.